About Our Artist


Dhaval Paleja is the first tattoo artist from Coimbatore and is one of the most experienced and proficient tattoo artist in India with an experience of over 17 years. Got trained in Bangkok in the year 2003 and professionally started tattooing in 2004.

Attended many tattoo seminars in national and international tattoo conventions and this has ensured that he is in touch with all the latest techniques, designs, styles and equipments. He also conducts professional tattoo training programs for aspiring tattoo artists.



Karishma’s journey in the field of tattoo artistry commenced during her
undergraduate studies, positioning her as one of the most youthful and promising female tattoo artists in Coimbatore. Her work reflects a deep-seated passion for geometric intricacies and micro-realism, driven by a commitment to forging genuine human connections through her artistic expression. Guided by renowned award-winning mentors, she is dedicated to honing her skills with the aspiration of attaining recognition as a distinguished artist, with a specialized focus on portraiture and realism.


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