About Us

Discover the epitome of safe and effective semi-permanent tattoo procedures at upbeat Ink, where our expertise lies in Eyebrow Microblading , Ombre Powder shading, and Lip Blush treatments.

Our signature blend of Microblading and Ombre powder shading techniques ensures impeccably shaped brows tailored to complement each client’s unique facial structure.

Through meticulous brow mapping, we craft a bespoke procedure to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape, enhancing natural beauty with thicker and fuller-looking brows.

Utilizing a precise pen-like blade and organic pigments, our Microblading process delicately implants realistic hair strokes onto the skin’s outermost layer, resulting in remarkably natural-looking brows which are aesthetically and highly sought after by Indian women.

Lip Blushing, a semi-permanent lip colour treatment, breathes new life into lacklustre lips through a cosmetological procedure. This procedure is ideal for addressing concerns such as dark, pale, or unevenly pigmented lips. Lip Blushing adds vibrant, natural-looking shades to rejenuvate the lips’ appearance. Our commitment to client comfort is paramount, with the application of a tropical numbing cream to ensure a pain-free experience during procedures. While minor swelling may occur due to extended stimulation, it typically subsides within 1to 4 hours post-treatment.

Experience the transformative power of semi-permanent cosmetics with Upbeat Ink, where precision meets perfection in every stroke.
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